Compressing a gas increases pressure and temperature, which creates an aggressive environment for the lubricant. Diesters, polyol esters and aromatic esters are preferred in compressor lubricants because they have excellent thermal stability, low varnish and low evaporation.

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Food Processing

Zschimmer & Schwarz offers many synthetic esters that are registered HX-1 for incidental food contact applications. These products are the first choice for any lubricant used in a food processing plant because they are not considered a chemical hazard when used in accordance with appropriate food hygiene regulations.

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Hydraulic fluids are used in a wide variety of mobile and industrial applications. Synthetic esters perform over a wide temperature range and meet requirements for biodegradability and fire resistance.

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Synthetic esters have been used in synthetic two- and four- stroke engine oils since the beginning. Modern combustion engines operate at higher temperature with less fluid and longer change intervals. Synthetic esters give the thermal stability and deposit control necessary to meet the challenge.  

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Synthetic esters are used in metalworking fluids because they give outstanding performance, worker safety and environmental benefits. The polar ester group gives excellent boundary lubrication which means higher cutting efficiency, better surface finish and longer tool life. They are safe and non-irritating for workers, and all Lexolube metalworking esters have a VOC below 50 g/L.

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Textile and Fiber

Zschimmer & Schwarz has a long history of providing ingredients for the textile industry. Our synthetic esters and emulsifiers create formulas that reduce heat, friction and wear on high speed spindles and bearings and leave no residue.

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Private Label

Zschimmer & Schwarz can provide custom formulated base oils and lubricant fluids. Please contact our sales team to discuss your needs in detail.  View >>


Zschimmer & Schwarz

ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ is an internationally active company with headquarters in Lahnstein near Koblenz, Germany. The company has been family-owned since its foundation in 1894 in Chemnitz, Germany.

About Us

Our core business is the development, manufacture and delivery of tailor-made chemical auxiliaries for the leather, fur, ceramic, textile and fiber industries. In addition, Zschimmer & Schwarz is one of the leading manufacturers of high performance chemical specialties and auxiliaries for cosmetics and cleaning applications as well as phosphonates and polymer-based solutions.

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