HX1 Food Safe

The Lexolube product line includes many synthetic esters that carry the HX-1 designation for incidental food contact. These products are the first choice for any lubricant that will be used in a food processing plant because they are not considered a chemical hazard under HACCP.  

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Gear And Chain

Gears and chains need a lubricant that remains liquid to provide a fluid film between metal parts in motion. Whether you are operating at high or low temperature, there is a synthetic ester that will keep your operation running smoothly.  

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Synthetic esters are an excellent choice for high temperature grease. The low volatility and outstanding oxidative stability means the grease keeps its consistency under severe conditions that destroy other base oils. Synthetic esters can be very polar if necessary to effectively seal out hydrocarbons that would dissolve normal greases.  

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Low Temperature

Low temperature synthetic esters have a pour point (ASTM D97) of -40C or below. If long term cold storage and use is expected, it is best to test the finished fluid under realistic time and temperature conditions because pour point doesn't always tell the full story.  

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Inolex offers several Lexolube® products in compliance with most industry leading EAL standards such as the EU Ecolabel and USDA BioPreferred programs. Inolex currently has 6 products registered to the LuSC list for the EU Ecolabel and 7 products registered under the BioPreferred program. Products certified under the EU Ecolabel on the LuSC list are automatically compliant with the 2013 VGP criteria.

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Synthetic esters are used in metalworking fluids because they give outstanding performance, worker safety and environmental benefits. The polar ester group gives excellent boundary lubrication which means higher cutting efficiency, better surface finish and longer tool life. They are safe and non-irritating for workers, and all Lexolube metalworking esters have a VOC below 50 g/L.

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High Temperature

Synthetic esters are prized for their ability to lubricate at high temperatures because they have outstanding oxidative stability and much lower volatility than other lubricant base oils at a given viscosity.

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Fire Resistant

Oleates give extremely high flash and fire points so they are used in fire resistant hydraulic fluids for ISO 6743-4 (HFDU) applications.  

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Compressors increase the pressure and temperatures of a gas, which creates an aggressive environment for the lubricant. Diesters and polyol esters are preferred in many compressor applications because they have excellent thermal stability, low varnish and low evaporation.  

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Synthetic esters have been used in synthetic two- and four- stroke engine oils since the beginning. Modern combustion engines operate at higher temperature with less fluid and longer change intervals. Synthetic esters give the thermal stability and deposit control necessary to meet the challenge.  

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Private Label

Zschimmer & Schwarz can provide custom formulated base oils and lubricant fluids. Please contact our sales team to discuss your needs in detail.  View >>



In today's high speed textile applications, synthetic fatty acid ester based lubricants improve process efficiency and are completely washable so there is no lubricant residue to affect downstream processing of the fabric. 

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